Colby Buswell

Colby Buswell


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Judges Course


About Coach

I grew up playing competitive tennis with a racquet in my hand at age five. I was a tennis club rat. The place may as well have been my daycare. I did the regional tournament circuit all the way through high school and then opted to be a little more ‘recreational’ during my college years, saving the competitive tennis for the summers during which time I lifted weights on and off. It wasn’t until a conditioning class my senior year in college, that I realized I liked the process of working out, running, tweaking my diet, and seeing the results in my overall energy, enthusiasm, sleeping better and just plain feeling good. A couple of years later, I became a certified teaching pro and tennis/athletic club manager at two different clubs in Northern Virginia and started training for marathons. I ran the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach and then the Disney Marathon 9 months later with shorter races sprinkled here and there. Now, I mostly run for fun, supporting local races, or partner with folks new to running with the goal of just finishing her first race.

Turning Point

I started my functional fitness journey in 2016. Intrigued by the CrossFit Games, I started practicing some of the Olympic lifting movements in my home gym and tried some workouts of the day on I got hooked and eventually walked into Mitten Fitness (formerly CrossFit Dexter) wanting some coaching on technique and form. They were awesome right out of the gates. The coaches welcomed me and the members are an amazing, supportive group. What I’m getting at is that I’ve always loved fitness and maybe then just realized to what extent. The team at Mitten Fitness has taken this functional sport to a whole new level for me. I love the constantly varied approach that the Workouts of the Day (WODs) provide. The community atmosphere of members of all ages sizes and walks of life simply supporting each other - encouraging one another to try harder and to just do a little better than the day before. It is an exhilarating environment and one which guided me through becoming a coach, manager, and owner.

Motivation & Passion

From member to the owner...In a nutshell, my experience at Mitten Fitness inspired me to take my enthusiasm for fitness to the next level and earn my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer status in 2019. I've been coaching and continue to learn and improve with every members' individual health and wellness journeys. Everyone has his or her own unique path to wellness. Sometimes we just need a guide. We have a bevy of class offerings within and outside of the fitness spectrum. I assure you that we have a class for everyone AND a team of top-notch coaches to help you reach your goals.

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