Dominique Hunter

Dominique Hunter



-Precision Nutrition Level 2

-Level 1 CFSC

-Level 2 CFSC

-Reformer 1 Pilates Certification

-Kickboxing Instructor

About Coach

I grew up around athletics. I played basketball, volleyball, and was a record-breaking sprinter in school. My poor parents were coaching, driving me to practices, meets, and games! Once I got into high school, I wanted to try to get a scholarship for the track, so I narrowed down my sports to just basketball and track. I thought I did my best to prep myself for all of the extra training I had to do, but my high school wasn’t nearly equipped enough for it. I ran track through my senior year and ended strong by becoming all-region in the 300 hurdles, but without any scholarship offers. I knew after I crossed the finish line for the last time that I needed to be a part of athletics, in some way, after graduation.

Turning Point

From 6 years old until my career-ending injury of tearing my ACL in high school, I was playing these sports nonstop. After I tore my ACL, I found my true passion for fitness and injury prevention in athletes. I figured out that I was not properly conditioned to be playing year-round and my body failed me. That was the driving factor to get my certification for functional strength training so that I could help prevent this from happening to other young athletes. I began as an intern at a local fitness center from 17 years old until 19. After that, I was hired to coach young athletes. I've been doing that as well as Pilates and kickboxing ever since. Even though I am only 23, I have almost 6 years in this field and am continuing to better educate myself every day. I'm currently in school to add a Physical Therapist Assistant to my resume.

Motivation & Passion

Over the past 6 years, I have not only gained experience but relationships as well. I learned that being in a gym isn’t just about physical fitness, but mental fitness too! I love showing people what they’re capable of and seeing their confidence grow more and more through strength training and nutrition. That’s what keeps me waking up at 4 am each day!

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