Dani Dresch

Dani Dresch

Personal Trainer


NASM certified Personal Trainer

Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

About Coach

I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t being active. As a kid with older sisters, I always felt a need to keep up and compete with them. Forever being the “annoying little sister” I followed them around, trying new things that the ‘big kids’ did with a desire to be as strong, or even stronger than they were. While I loved all sports, I focused solely on volleyball throughout high school, playing for competitive club programs, and was blessed enough to play at the collegiate level.

Turning Point

Marriage and kids came soon after college and I was completely engrossed with being a wife and mom. There is no greater joy in my life than being a mom to my two sweet, smart little monsters that make every day an incredible experience for me. I was still active though, running and working out but definitely felt the tug of war between being the full-time mom and taking some real “me time” to keep myself healthy and happy. I continued to play indoor and sand volleyball when I could until I tore my ACL in 2013. The rehab from that injury and the great PT staff that got me back to 100% ended up opening my eyes to a different level of fitness and strength than I had before. I switched my focus from being just thin to being functionally strong so I wouldn’t get injured again. It wasn’t long after that I decided to become a Personal Trainer and focus on women’s health by getting certified in Postpartum Corrective Exercise, an area that I wish I had more help with after having babies.

Motivation & Passion

My passion for fitness and health runs deep and I’m so grateful to be able to share it with others. And while I’m fully aware that not all people share my absolute love for exercise, I do believe most people know that life is better when you’re healthy and strong, inside and out. I strive to help my clients with balancing life as a whole and understanding that exercise should be a priority but with balance. My goal as a trainer is to give people the tools to create a lifestyle with consistency and sustainability above all else, which ultimately ends in reaching personal fitness goals. My coaching style is very much individualized, progressive, and most importantly fun. I’d like to think my enthusiasm is contagious but at the very least it’s motivating!

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